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Blog 1/5/23

Happy new year! A lot has been happening and we are currently in the middle of a rebrand, that explains why a lot of our products are currently sold out! We will not be restocking until the relaunch happens sometime mid or late February as we are working on perfecting recipes and packaging. ALSO I'm due in April so a small team will be taking my place shipping orders and will not be available for awhile to create new products, so i will be making sure the shop is well stocked! 





Wholesale orders will be opened back up late January 

 Decide between Ready to Label or Bulk Products.
We offer ready to label which simply means your products will arrive prefilled in our containers,
 ready for you to label and start selling. We also are offering our products in bulk. This means your products will arrive in a jug or bucket for you to prefill your own containers. This gives you more flexibility in choosing your own containers and creating more behind the scenes content.

With our new and improved laser printer we can print out your labels and apply them to the containers for you. That way you don't have to do anything but sit back and wait for delivery. 





*Completed recipes *

Sugar scrubs - Reformulated with even more skin loving oils added as well as the whipped soaps 

Botanical facial cleanser   

Glycolic acid face cream

Facial moisturizer -dry to normal skin 

Foaming bath salts  - leaves skin feeling silky not dry after bath ( can even use them as a foot soak)


Currently working ... 

Goat milk soap bars 

Goat milk body wash ( Depending on testing this may replace the 2 in 1 body wash we currently carry)

Shaving lotion -  this does not foam up but it works even better! Your shaver gets ultra close to your skin because it leaves such a thin, lubricating film.

Lotion - this wouldn't be as thick as our body butters, more like a yogurt consistency and would be in a pump top bottle or squeezable bottle



Introducing a new line of products right from Ghana 100% pure organic and made by local communities 



                       African black soap bars



 Take a natural African approach to keeping your skin clean and healthy with this soft, organically shaped, delicately textured, & 100% natural and pure African Black Soap. Exuding a natural, earthy smell, this soap is ideal for cleaning your hands, face and body, and it can even be lathered up and used as a shampoo or lotion.

 There are many variations and recipes for Raw African Black Soap on the market. The African secret is in the hands of the maker just as it is for handmade soap makers here in the US. Each producer has their own special touch, but the tradition and its uses remain universal amongst African Soap Makers and the natives that use the soap. 


 Some Key Benefits:

-Deep Cleansing-Detoxing for clogged pores.

-Skin Toning-Even skin color from scars and blemishes

-Acne Control-Cleanses and acts to suppress the production of sebum.

-Reduces Oily Skin-Helps in fighting acne. 

-Anti-Fungal Great for nail fungus, athletes foot, and other strains of skin fungus.

-All Natural Cleanser


Disclaimer: Black Soap can be irritating for some skin types or some may experience a burning sensation due to it's deep cleansing skin penetration. 


                            Liquid black soap

The ingredients are simple and natural, distilled water, palm kernel oil and cocoa pod ash (same as the African black soaps). The liquid can be used as a shampoo, body wash, or other cleansing soap. The liquid is unscented and can be scented using fragrance oils or essential oils. It is a milder version of black soap vs using the traditional bar but will still deliver the same deep cleansing effect it is known for.

 Due to the purity of these products we will stock in LIMITED amounts 



What i would love to make in the future

Hair care for textured hair

Bath bombs  a spherical blend of fragrant and soothing oils and extracts that you throw into your tub before bathing.

Bubble Bars - are essentially the solid form of bubble bath. They generally come in discs or brick-like shapes and are typically smaller than bath bombs

Lip scrubs -Similar to body scrubs, lip scrubs are exfoliating formulas, making them the best way to get dead skin off lips. Lip scrubs differ from body scrubs in that they are specially designed for the most vulnerable skin on your body—your lips

Lip balms -a wax-like substance you apply to moisturize and ease pain caused by chapped or dry lips

Body balm -a thick, often solid, product made with butters and hydrating oils. It is somewhere between a body cream and a body oil. In terms of consistency, this is thicker than both butters and lotions.